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Gramsh Sewage System and Waste Management Capacity Building Program
  • Developing Institutional Draft Agreement for inter-LGUs cooperation and discuss them with LGUs and DHP

  • Prepare a detailed activity work plan for strategic Solid Waste Management Plan with expected output content and description methodology for each activity

  • Design and facilitated workshops and presentations with working group and with staff of cleaning enterprise

  • Help in establishment and latter assist the Working Group to determine vision and strategic planning options for Strategic Solid Waste Management Plan

  • Elaboration an Integrated Waste Management Plan for Gramshi Municipality and Pishaj & Kodovjat Communes

  • Design Institutional Draft Regulation for wastewater and WWTP management and discuss them with LGU and DHP;

  • Estimation of full cost and tariff establishment based on cost recovery concept

  • Compiling guideline, procedure and instructions for LGUs in monitoring solid waste service and wastewater service provision

  • Develop training curricula (waste management and wastewater treatment) for the small and medium size LGUs.

Sewage System and Solid Waste Management Study

Design and conduct the feasibility study for sewage and wastewater as well as waste management, adhering to the European Water and Waste Framework Directive and in compliance with DHP needs and Albanian environmental laws with the overall goal to propose practical and alternative, cost-efficient solutions in order to reach acceptable water quality levels (adhering to EU-framework) in the planned Banja reservoir.

  • Carry out a full assessment of the current system of sewage service area, Gramsh town and surrounding villages as well as current waste management situation;

  • Analyse actual and future impacts on water quality in Moglice HPP, from Korca city waste water treatment facility/waste management activities and suggest DHP steps towards the minimization of negative effects (if any).

  • IA description of Albanian sewerage and waste water treatment/waste management policy in and in what implications this has for a future investment for DHP.

  • Access the proposed technologies for wastewater treatment capacities and make recommendations for adequate solutions to meet defined targets within, chemical, physical and biological parameters.

  • Determine amortization of investment costs, annual operations and maintenance costs, for each proposal or each alternative method of treatment

  • Waste water treatment and waste management solutions environmental and social impact assessment including but not limited to affected area, main positive/negative impacts, mitigation measures.

  • Determine the owners of the available sites and verify that the sites are available for acquisition or other arrangement for waste water treatment infrastructure. 

  • Determine the owners of the available sites and verify that the sites are available for acquisition or other arrangement for solid waste transfer or disposal.

  • Risk assessment including elaboration of quantitative and qualitative data. Aspects such as GIS demonstration of the above mentioned impacts, MS Access/MS Excel data elaboration, etc. should be incorporated.

Technical Assistance for Strengthening the  Capacity of the MoEFWA in Albania for Law Drafting and Enforcement of National Environmental Legislation; Europe Aid/130987/C/SER/AL
  • Responsible in provision of a pathway to implementation the National Waste Strategy and develop 4 regional Waste Management Plans in Diber, Fier, Berat and Shkodra regions;

  • Preparation waste audit, waste characterization and generation at local and regional level

  • Analysis of existing system of municipal waste management

  • Organize Waste Area Group in each of the 4 Regions;

  • Provide for a Waste Management Overview in each region;

  • Rationalize the waste management practices within the various waste generators and waste management facilities of each region;

  • Organize and hold Regional Workshops

  • Set priority actions in order to tackle the most sensitive problems related to waste management (e.g. disposal of infectious waste) and to present these actions as a part of a more global framework in each region.

  • Environmental, economic and social evaluation of alternative waste technologies and different management scenarios

  • Design waste awareness campaign, capacity building and training and monitoring program at reagional level.

Consultancy service to dldp (Decentralization and Local Development Program, phase I and II) - Helvetass Swiss Intercooperation Albania

Consultancy Service to Decentralisation and Local Development Programme phase 1.


Develop local waste management plans for Fushe Arrez Municipality and for the communes of Dajc and Guri i Zi


  • Assistance to three Local Government Units in Shkodra Region (Municipality of Fushe Arrez and the Communes of Dajci and Guri i Zi) to develop Local Solid Waste Management Plans including action plans;

  • Rapid assessment of current situation in these LGUs, developed and

  • implemented structured interviews with local staff, head of departments and mayors and deputy mayors;

  • Prepare the terms of reference with the client for solid waste infrastructure investment;

  • Monitor and evaluate of MSW plans;

  • Report writing, mapping, organizing round tables and disseminate findings


Consultancy Service to Decentralisation and Local Development Programme phase 2.


Inter LGUs collection scheme for Puka Municipality, Qerret and Rrape Communes 


  • Short term expertise in providing technical support for inter-communal organisation of the waste management scheme in Municipality of Puka and communes of Qerret and Rrape;

  • Rapid assessment of solid waste service provision in three LGUs;

  • Monitor the existing situation of service provision;

  • Prepare recommendations to improve the existing dumpsite situation in the region;

  • Design ToRs for solid waste infrastructure improvement;

  • Enhance human and organizational capacities in the selected LGUs by developing and implementing new effective tools: such as full cost accounting and cost recovery service;

  • Design an inter LGU scheme of waste collection for three LGUs;

  • Deliver trainings on cost recovery and implement inter LGUs’ scheme of waste collection.


Separate collection scheme for Shkoder Municipality


  • Identification of possibilities and opportunities for the establishment of the recycling scheme in the Municipality of Shkoder

  • Determination of the potential recycled waste stream in the Municipality of Shkoder.

  • Costs and revenues analyses of the recycling scheme and draft investment plan for pilot projects.

  • Develop recycling scheme and presentation to municipal council and other stakeholders. Development of monitoring instruments (indicators, reporting model, the establishment of the system of record-keeping, etc.).

  • Analysis of risk and make recommendations for the construction of a pilot scheme to achieve recycling.

  • Identifying the main elements of the regulation for differentiated waste collection

  • The proposal of the basic elements of communication and information

Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Tirana University Hospital Centre - Infrastructure Projects Facility-Technical Assistance Window (IPF TA)" in the Western Balkans and Turkey, Albania

Phase I. Environmental impact assessment study for Tirana University Hospital Centre


  • Execute detailed site-based assessment of the existing situation;

  • Lead environment assessment tasks;

  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Health as key beneficiaries and the Master Plan Consultant about the proposals;

  • Review of team experts’ work and integrating their work in the overall Master Plan for the TUHC;

  • Provide support to local experts regarding specialized issues (health care waste included),

  • Collaborate in design of mitigating measures and programme of implementation for new hydroclave waste treatment facility;

  • Lead training needs analysis process.


Phase II. Development and delivery of a healthcare waste management vocational training programme for the Ministry of Health - funded by the WHO


  • Deliver trainings to key system stakeholders at 7 healthcare facilities in Albania including the Tirana University Hospital Centre – Mother Teresa.

  • The training programmes are accredited by the national accreditation authority in Albania.

  • Consulent is accredited by North of Scotland (Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA)/Waste Management Industry Training and  Advisory Board (WAMITAB))

Implementation of the National Plan for Approximation of Environmental Legislation in Albania - EU financed project 
  • Accomplish the survey to determine the characteristics of the municipal waste stream at nine selected locations according to seventeen waste streams;

  • Design the waste characterisation methodology according to EU guidelines (5th EU framework programme);

  • Analyse the waste stream in Tirana, Durres, Shkoder, Lezhe, Lushnje, Berat, Fier, Vore dhe Fushe Kruje;

  • Definition of sample unit and level of sampling

  • Stipulation of relevant strata

  • Sample collection, sorting and data analyses

  • Coordinate two survey campaigns in 9 cities;

  • Process data, results, evaluation and final reporting

Detailed design of Water Treatment Plant in Dragash Kosovo

Technical report

  • Technical design and details of Water Treatment Plant engineering project  according to the national and international standards

  • Technical Report: evaluation of different variants, technical and economic analysis of the variant considered;

  • Calculation Report: hydraulic, static, structural;

  • Sizing of Plant according to their calculations;

  • General technical conditions for the operation of the plant;

  • Specific technical conditions for the operation of the plant;

  • Specifications and technical guidance on the use and maintenance of Plant Equipments;

  • Bill of Quantities;


Graphical report


  • General plan of the plant including all components;

  • Plant of each component of the plant with quotas;

  • Typical section, details, tables of legends;

  • Functional diagrams

Detailed Design, Supervision of Construction Works and Strengthening The Capacity of Kilosa District Council in the framework of the Resettelment of People Displaced by Floods in Kilosa District, Tanzania
  • To provide detailed designs for the implementation of the different phases of the water supply system;

  • Prepare the Environmental Impact Assessment on the three selected settlement areas.

  • Technical review of design about water supply system issued by the competent Ministries and relevant department.

  • Preparation of detailed technical designs and tender dossiers for the construction works including confidential costs estimate of the different construction works.

  • To put in place a proper supervision mechanism so as to ensure a timely and correct construction of

  • Draft alternative designs for rehabilitation/upgrading of existing main road sections, if needed,

  • Carry out the activities aimed at building the capacity of the Kilosa District Council in terms of: (i) economic and technical information management; (ii) training of operational staff in relevant departments; (iii) physical assets management

Goruli stream watershed adjustment in Korca District.  
  • Preparation of the methodology, working phase and technical project.

  • Actual assessment of soil erosion risk in watershed, and calculation of soil eroded quantity. 

  • Calculation of maximal flow with different empirical formulas and transverse profiles method.

  • Monitory and assessment of actual situation for the protective works with biotechnical and engineering character constructed in watershed.

  • Designation of place where is necessary to intervene with biotechnical works (singles and couples fences) and dry stone wall dams in the upper part of watershed  and large coulee.

  • Identification of eroded surfaces in watershed and preparation of reforestation projects with different forest species.

  • Calculation of compensation slope and needs for construction of engineering works (mountain dams) in bad of the stream.

  • Sizing of optimal profiles for mountain dams and verification of their sustainability. 

  • Preparation of financial costs for all proposal works in watershed adjustment.

Risk assessment of soil erosion in mountain watershed of Vithuqi areas in Korca Region
  • Preparation of methodology, working phase and technical project.

  • Analysis of main factors which influence in soil erosion development (slope, land cover, rain intensity, density of hydrographic net, etc).

  • Actual assessment of soil erosion class in watershed and preparation of soil erosion rick map in forest and pasture plot level.

  • Calculation of soil eroded quantity for each watershed.

  • Classification of soil erosion class in accordance of slope and land cover scale.

  • Calculation of soil erosion risk by rainfall aggressiveness indicator, this for different sea levels.

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