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Regionalization and potential cultivation of medical plants in Albania.
  • Methodology approach design in accordance with specific terms of reference.

  • Identification of medical plants situation in Albania, in collaboration with main responsible Institutions (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Food Regional Directory in 12 Region, etc), and private company which working in this field.

  • Site survey in each region of Albania

  • Collection and elaboration data for cultivation possibility in each region of Albania;

  • Preparation of different tables, diagrams and maps for each commune and region.

  • Preparation of final project report and presentation.

Dinaric Arc Sustainable Hydropower Initiative (DASHI) – Albania
  • Scope the hydropower sector’s (public and private, national and international) interest and/or activities in Albania.

  • Make a list of dam projects in the country (existing, under construction, in the pipeline) and, wherever possible, provide details on type, location, costs, financing source, existing studies/assessment, civil society initiatives, etc.

  • Elaborate an organogram of the national decision makers relevant along the process of dams construction. 

  • Identify/scope national and international entities/companies involved in dams construction in Albania. 

  • Identify other players, especially international investors/donors (e.g. multilateral banks, foreign aid agencies, export credit agencies, etc.) involved in financing dam projects in Albania.

  • Prepare a narrative report on the results obtained in relation to the points above.

  • Identify Albanian NGOs interested in working on hydropower related issues and participating in the campaign and facilitate their involvement/action.

  • Liaise with Albanians authorities and institutions to facilitate their understanding and participation in the assessment of important freshwater ecosystems in Albania and supervise the work of experts, consultants and officers as needed.

  • Work very closely with WWF DASHI team members (conservation, communications, and capacity building and administration units, as needed) and under INCA Director direct supervision.

  • Attend the CB activities organized under DASHI project

  • Prepare regular technical and financial reporting as requested by WWF Mediterranean Programmers.

Design & Supervision of HQ Nato, Kashar (Rehabilitation)

Design Cold Water System

  • Water pipe network extension shall be as shown in drawings Water Supply System.

  • Piping Design General Requirements: the design, fabrication, workmanship, inspection and testing of pipe work shall be carried out in accordance with the internationally recognized design codes and specifications described herein.


Design Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Fire hose Reels

  • Firefighting system pump

  • Fire Water Tank


Design Cold Water System Pump and Storage Tanks

  • Installed power shall be 10 kW.

  • Maximum capacity shall be 100 l/min (for one impeller).

  • The set shall be complete with all necessary pump bronze isolating valves, non-return valves, vent cocks, flexible, and anti-vibration connections, and a bourdon type pressure gauge calibrated bar and lbs/sq. inch. Test cocks & low suction water probe shall be included.


Design Drainage System

  • Waste pipes shall receive waste water drain from wash stands, sinks, floor drains, bidets and other similar waste appliances and convey it to the manhole chambers.

  • Cleanouts pipes shall be provided in the pipe work at all critical junctions.

  • Traps with adequate water seal shall be provided near individual sanitary ware/appliance to prevent foul air entering into the occupied spaces.

  • Trapped floor/bottle gullies shall be provided in various toilettes/pantries/plant rooms.

  • Weathering aprons shall be provided in all vent pipe penetrations in the roof. Vent cowls shall be provided at the vent pipe termination.

  • Automation air admittance valves shall be provided to admit air into the system to prevent induced back siphoning of trap seals.

For the cleanest cities with European Governance
  • Developing Local Waste Management Plan for Berat and Kucova Municipalities

  • Analysis of existing systems of municipal waste management

  • Assistance to waste management enterprise/companies (technical, institutional, financial, legal and social aspects)

  • Calculation the full cost of service

  • Setting the new tariff for waste service provision

  • Enhance human and organizational capacities of Municipalities through delivering on-job-trainings and coaching on full cost calculation for solid waste service provision

  • Defend the Local Plans of Solid Waste Management in the Cities Council Meeting

Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment Reports

Following EIA and SEA reports have been developed by our consultants:


EIA reports


  • Environmental Impact assessment study for “Sewerage Disposal Southwest Kosovo” in framework of Consulting Services for Preparation of Detailed Design and Tender Documents, Assistance to the PEA in Tendering and Contracting and Construction Supervision

  • Environmental impact assessment report for the study “Sewage development plan and design of wastewater treatment plant for Tirana”

  • Environmental impact assessment report for Himara’s water supply network

  • Environmental impact assessment report for study and design of resettlement and road pavement Elbasan – Banjë

  • Environmental impact assessment report for construction of Reservoir Dam in Kuçicë  (Kosovo)

  • Environmental impact assessment report for accommodating Verbovc and Drenica rivers in urban area Drenas (Kosovë)

  • Environmental impact assessment report for the construction of the tunnel in the Murrizi hill


SEA reports


  • Strategic environmental assessment report for regulatory plan of the city of Berat

  • Strategic environmental assessment report for regulatory plan of the city of Prrenjas

  • Strategic environmental assessment report for regulatory plan of the commune of Bërxull

  • Strategic environmental assessment report for regulatory plan of the commune of Vaqarr

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