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We can provide screening advice to determine whether a formal EIA is required under the Regulations, and a scoping analysis to determine which issues are significant for the project at the proposed site, enabling a fully focused EIA. We can carry out baseline studies to describe the existing situation at the site, and to identify environmental receptors that may be sensitive to the proposals. The EIA assessment itself will determine which effects are likely to be significant and need to be reported in the Environmental Statement. Finally, we are able to write Environmental Statements and also the non-technical summary required by the Regulations. We can support the EIA with specialists from all of the relevant environmental topic areas such as noise, air quality, water, ecology, landscape and heritage, as well as with technical experts experienced in all of the major infrastructure and developments sectors, such as development and regeneration, energy, waste, water and transport. 

  • Environmental assessments

  • Environmental impact statements

  • Project screening and categorical exclusions

  • Permitting requirements evaluations

  • Public involvement

  • Cultural resource impact assessment and mitigation

  • Biological impact assessment and mitigation

  • Infrastructure impact assessment and mitigation

  • Strategic impact assessment​


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