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EcoDES Studio is company inspired and established based on several years experienced of four different consultants, who previously were working as free-lance experts. The company structure and its activity are built on four thematic areas based on respective in-depth expertise and relied on their valuable experience in the market.


Our core sectors of expertise are: i) Energy efficiency and renewables; ii) Integrated waste management, iii) Water supply and sanitation and iv) Ecosystem management, while environmental impact/strategic assessment is considered as a cross cutting issue. To perform its core activities, the company works in close cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana.


The Company relies on the technical expertise of the faculty where on one side offers to customers the best professional expertise and provides necessary recommendations for addressing different issues, and in on the other side it contributes to the academic environment, its capacity building and know-how through capitalization of practical experience obtained in the field by experts.


Furthermore, EcoDES Studio maintains a well-developed network of contacts with national and international consultants, research and development institutes, thus facilitating easy access to an additional resource database, information and expertise.

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