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Integrated waste management

Our team of professionals provides advice and solutions for the complete range of waste management issues, including municipal, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, and mining waste.


The waste management philosophy developed by EcoDES Studio follows an established waste hierarchy of waste prevention, minimization, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and final disposal.


We’ll assist you in developing sustainable practices to address your requirements now and into the future. 

Our products and services

  • Preparation waste audit, waste characterization and generation at local and regional level

  • Analysis of existing system of municipal waste management

  • Assistance to waste management enterprise/companies (technical, institutional, financial, legal and social aspects)

  • Full cost accounting and tariff establishment based on cost recovery mechanism

  • Waste treatment technology and disposal advice and carry out feasibility studies

  • Detailed and conceptual design for landfills, transfer stations, resources recovery facilities, leachate and dumpsite rehabilitation

  • Environmental, economic and social evaluation of alternative waste technologies and different management scenarios

  • Design and implement waste awareness campaign, capacity building and training

  • Waste strategy and integrated waste management plan development at local and regional level

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